About Us

HDSS (High Definition Security Systems) is leading cyber security & IT Technology services, based in Amman, Jordan.

HDSS originally started in USA & Australia as an IT training & software company that is specialising  in artificial intelligence Ai & GPS technologies.


Our solutions are focused on both the educational and commercial sectors. In 2015 HDDS opened its first regional office in Jordan by small dynamic & enthusiastic  team  and  ported  its  30  years  of  IT  experience  to  the  local market.Thereafter, using its Jordan office, HDSS extended its services to markets in the  Middle  East.  We  are  proud  to  have  expanded  our  software  arm  in  into Kuwait & Dubai.

Our management team has extensive experience working in IT services & training in countries including the USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai,Kuwait, Oman, Turkey & Kazakhstan.

Our experiences enabled us to understand the global and local market trends to deliver high-quality IT solutions to our clients and business partners.

Adel Shadid
Ahmad Asad
ITC Manager
Samer Sawalha
Project Manager
Mamoun Abu Samaha
Co Founder USA
Fadi Shadid
Cyber Security Analyst
Tom Tafolla
Majed Mustafa
Co Founder Australia
Tareq Abdulla
Principal Cyber Security Consultant
Nabeel Alkharabsheh
Business Development Advisor
Mamoun Nasir
Service Delivery
Samer Salhi
ELV System & Surveillance Manager
Mais Samaha
Media Consultant
Mohammad Asalfiti
Android Consultant